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FROM: Pete Mitchell, Publisher of Church Planter Magazine 
RE: Comprehensive Training & Mentoring

“The Story Of Two Church Planters Who Set Out To Plant,
But What Happened Next, No One Saw Coming…”

Two days after attending a large conference on church planting roughly three years ago, two church planters in the same city, independent of and not knowing about the other, sat down at their keyboards to craft a business plan for launching their church.

They were very much alike, these two planters.

Both had a strong calling that had been confirmed by their sending churches, both were personable and both—as new church planters are—were filled with ambitious dreams for reaching the lost in their community.

Recently, these planters returned to the conference that started them down the church-planting path.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had two kids. And both, as it ended up, had assembled a core team for their plant.

But there was a difference. One of the planters had started and closed down their plant on three separate occasions before finally throwing in the towel. The other had launched a church that had already spun off three other church plants.

What Made The Difference

Have you, like me, ever wondered why some people succeed in planting a church and other seem to be doomed to failure? It isn’t talent or dedication or even the seminary (if any) attended. It isn’t that one person is willing to sacrifice more than the other.

The difference lies in what each person knows, how he or she makes use of that knowledge and the mentorship they receive.

And that’s why I writing to you and church planters like you about Jump School Training. For that is the entire purpose of Jump School: To provide it’s members knowledge and mentorship—knowledge and mentorship that they can use to successfully reach the lost with their church plant.

Church Planting Training Unlike Any Other

You see, Jump School is a unique training program. It’s the world’s only online training by serial church planter Peyton Jones that combines interviews with current planters that are “in the trenches” today (not just guys from 20 years ago), a tome of church planting information, monthly live Q&A calls, monthly executive summaries of current on-topic church planting books, and interaction with other planters from around the world.

Every month, Jump School includes a broad range or information of interest and significance to church planters, no matter where they are planting. Not just on funding or launching (the hot topics wherever books are sold!), but anything and everything in the whole, fast-moving world of planting a church… Jump School gives you all the information and tools you need—when you need it.

Mentorship Is Power

Right now, I am writing this after finishing one of the live monthly Q&A calls…

Everyone who was on the call, and those who will listen to the recording, were able to hear from Jonathan in Kenya about his church plant. The big question that he had, “What is the caliber of person I should let onto my core team?” The answer, given by veteran planter Peyton Jones, might surprise you!

Another planter, Cameron from Washington, wanted to know about doing outreach to the mentally ill. Peyton addressed this question with a surprising strategy that any church planter can use to reach those neglected and marginalized by society.

Michelle from Wales, UK, wanted to know tactics she could use to reach her community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This question, which is asked by every church planter around the world, was addressed head on in this mentorship call.

Much of the information and interaction that appears in Jump School appears nowhere else. Period.

Jump School is accessible online so you always have access to answers – when you need them.

A $67 Trial

Test that all my statements are true by subscribing for a $67 first month trial. This is the perfect way to get acquainted with Jump School. After the first month, the membership stays at $197 for the rest of the 11 months of the program.

When you try Jump School, we will mail you, a special Jump School Binder with the first months material already enclosed. Even though Jump School in available online, there is something about having real paper in your hands!

Each month you will receive the following:

  • The Jump School Dossier - It’s Peyton’s massive tome on church planting delivered topically each month. With this, you will have the step-by-step tools on how to plant a church from someone who continues to do it over and over again. The Jump School Dossier is mailed to you each month along with it being available in a PDF in the exclusive membership area online.
  • Jump School Radio - Audio and Video training exclusive to Jump School members, including some of Peyton’s University courses on church planting. Want actionable information on church planting that’s been taught at the University level? This is the only place you’ll find that.
  • In the Trenches - An exclusive “master class” interview with a planter in the trenches, who has been through what you’re going through now, sharing what they learned in the field. Think about the time, energy and pain will you save by discovering what other ahead of you have already learned the hard way.
  • Band of Brothers - Once a month, join Peyton Jones and Pete Mitchell for a round table where they personally tackle all of your church planting questions in a live format. This is mentoring at it’s best. The Band of Brothers call is mailed to you on CD as well as being available live, and in the exclusive membership area.
  • Executive Book Reviews – As a church planter (most likely bivo) we know you don’t have tons of time. There are lots of good church planting books to read. To save you precious time, each month we’ll summarize the best and tell you what books can’t be missed. These too are mailed to you as well as being available in PDF format in the exclusive membership area.
  • Core Team Questions - Take what you learned, and discuss it with your core team every month. We provide the questions to spark the conversations with your core team.

Simply click on the Add to Cart button to get started right now. And here’s the Jump School’s guarantee: You are going to love Jump School so much that we’re willing to bet that you would rather be covered in chum and jump in the ocean during a Great White Feeding Frenzy rather than give up your membership to Jump School. However, should Jump School not meet your expectations, you may cancel in the first 60 days for a full and complete refund with no questions asked.

However, stick with us for the entire 12 months, if at the end of that you can look us in the eye (or via email), with integrity, and tells us that you implemented at least 3 of the strategies to reach the lost, develop your core team, or grow your impact in the community and you didn’t find Jump School of the utmost value, let us know and we’ll buy back all your Jump School training material 100%.

If you feel that this is a fair and reasonable proposition, then you will want to find out without delay if Jump School can do for you and your church plant what it is doing for many other planters. So please click the “Add To Cart” button now, and we’ll start serving you immediately.

About those two church planters I mentioned at the beginning of this letter: They both attended the same church planting conferences and got started in church planting at the same time. So what made their success in planting so different?

Knowledge and mentorship. Useful, practical, actionable knowledge and real mentorship with experienced church planters. That’s what made the difference.

An Investment In Success

I cannot promise you that your church will be a success if you join Jump School. But I can guarantee that you will find Jump School always reliable, spot on theologically and always of extreme use in planting your church.

Sincerely yours,




Pete Mitchell
Publisher of Church Planter Magazine

P.S. It’s important to note that Jump School membership price may be tax deductible for you.

Don't Delay: $67 Trial and then $147/mo.

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What's In The 12 Monthly Modules?

Church Planting in the Book of Acts.

Month 2 - BOOT CAMP:
The Planter's Calling, Character and Gifting.

Preparation, Funding and Support.

Month 4 - THE TERRAIN:
Models, Strategy, Mapping and the Spirit's Leading.

Month 5 - YOUR SQUAD:
Gathering Your Core Team/ Vision and Mission Statements/ Nurturing Your Church's Core DNA

Month 6 - AMMO CHECK:
Gift Driven Team/ Leadership Team Dynamics/ What Would The Early Church Do?

Outreach and Serving the Community/ Forward Planning for Outreach - Christmas, Easter, etc.

Month 8 - JUMP DAY:
The Launch

Month 9 - AIR SUPPORT:
Exorcisms, Healings, Filling of the Spirit and Prayer

Preaching, Counseling and Pastoral Issues

Becoming a Church Planting Church, Leadership Training, Raising Up New Leaders

Month 12 - DIGGING IN:
Lessons, Pitfalls and The Second Year

What Do Church Planters Think About Jump School?

Jump School has been a great resource over the last year. I have not been able to make every call or keep up with every week, but having the material in archive to access at will has been priceless. If you are planting or want to plant, there are some great resources here.

Michael Hooper Michael Hooper
Helotes, TX

There is nothing quite like Jump School! Not only offering the church planter the tools they need to be an effective church planting machine, it reaches down to the heart and mindset of every believer to upheave and transform the very approach we take to church expansion and sets aflame a passion for Kingdom expansion. I'm happy to be a recruit of Jump School and I'm excited to see what adventures God has in store for me after my training!

Dan Torres Dan Torres
Orange, CA

Jump School is providing us the practical information needed to get a much better understanding of the planning needed to prepare for a church plant. A great resource!

Dana and Kris Haukoos Dana and Kris Haukoos
Mount Dora, FL

God has been doing miraculous work through us in Durham North Carolina, through Refuge Durham. We have learned a lot from our past mistakes and through the support of new breed as well as learning from jump school. We continue to strive toward reaching our city for Christ and primarily the poor, homeless, gang members, and those on the margins. That is who we are call to reach and God is currently reaching them through us and we are very grateful.

Philip Fidler Philip Fidler
Durham, FL

Jump School, provides great encouragement, training and support in the tough life of a planter.  Keeping you focused on God and His love and plan for you and those around you.

Jason Rudas Jason Rudas
Oceanside, CA

As a missionary living in Nairobi, Kenya, my access to solid resources, good mentors, and a network of other church planters is very limited. Jump School has provided me with all of these in a very user friendly format. I would recommend Jump School to anyone who is unable to attend this thorough training in person. Church planting will be a much smoother process with this practical and relevant training.

Andrew Holt Andrew Holt
Stone Ridge, NY

Although my husband and I are relatively new to the program, having just joined New Breed, we are both really blessed to be working with Peyton. I am looking forward to seeing our relationship with him and his family develop. Part of that relationship developing is joining him in the training of church planters, and I am eager to learn from Jump School so that we can pass these lessons along to future planters.

Emily Adams Emily Adams
Shelby Twp, MI

Jump School has helped move me out of from being a church planting "scholar' - only reading books on planting and gaining knowledge - into a full fledged Paratrooper preparing for a jump into enemy territory. From the radical vision of church leadership to the down and dirty fundraising, Jump School has covered the ground.

Jonathan Ferguson Jonathan Ferguson
Huntington Beach, CA (Planting in Kenya)

Jump School has been awesome, especially the Band of Brothers calls. They have helped in the church here in St. Catharines on more than one occasion and by talking through the issues in a group and following the Spirit's urging, a lady has found Jesus.

Mike Neels Mike Neels
St. Catharines, ON Canada

Church planting is imperative to advancing the Kingdom. One way to reach the lost is through planting churches where they are. The problem is, how? Jump School Training is that how. Pete and Peyton have been there, done that, and do an excellent job equipping the would be church planter with all the tools needed. I'm not sure there is anything else out there quite like this training. I highly recommend it!

Jeremy Guelfi Jeremy Guelfi
Tyner, NC

Jump School is a great resource and will give you the edge you need as a planter. I have already planted one church and I am currently pursuing my second plant. I have been through several Church Planting training sessions plus have a focus in Church Planting from seminary and I can say that Jump School is worth your time. Jump School is no joke and incorporates great educational training along with real life experience (A.K.A. Seminary of Hard Knocks). It is also a place we can network and go through planting a church together. Peyton and Pete are the real deal and take time for each Jumper. Jump School has been great for me and will only get better. Jump School combined with my existing knowledge only makes me more dangerous for Kingdom advancement. Join the team and let's do this together! Jump School!

Travis Currin Travis Currin
Charlotte, NC

My wife and I had the awesome opportunity to spend a couple of months working with Peyton. During that time it was a real joy getting to know him and his family and see a life entrenched in the kingdom of God. Not only is Peyton incredibly knowledgeable of first century church planting principals, and the life of Paul, but day by day he walks in the Spirit with a heart for obedience. He's the guy to learn from -- first his life, and then his lessons.

Jason Adams Jason Adams
Shelby Twp, MI

Going through the Jump School Church Planting Training with Peyton Jones and Pete Mitchell has literally been one of the best things I have ever done to increase both my effectiveness and character in ministry. Way more practical than seminary, and more personal than any conference, Jump School is like a traditional boot camp on steroids.

Joshua Lee Henry Joshua Lee Henry
Fort Wayne, IN

Awesome training.  For the bi-Vo guys, you need to sign up.  Great experience.

Cameron Barber Cameron Barber
Lakewood, FL

Thoroughly enjoyed this amazing course full of Biblical and very practical wisdom on how to plant a living, interesting Christ centered community serving church in no mans land. Everything covered from the Holy Spirit to the church planters character, team building to fundraising,  promotion and launch.

Michelle Smith
Swansea, Wales, UK

Don't Delay: $67 Trial and then $147/mo.

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60 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

You are going to love Jump School so much that we’re willing to bet that you would rather be covered in chum and jump in the ocean during a Great White Feeding Frenzy rather than give up your membership to Jump School. However, should Jump School not meet your expectations, you may cancel in the first 60 days for a full and complete refund with no questions asked – and you can keep the material we mail you as our gift for trying us out!

Don't Delay: $67 Trial and then $197/mo.

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365 Day Buy-Back Guarantee!

Stick with us for the entire 12 months, if at the end of that you can look us in the eye (or via email), with integrity, and tells us that you implemented at least 3 of the strategies to reach the lost, develop your core team, or grow your impact in the community and you didn’t find Jump School of the utmost value, let us know and we’ll buy back all your Jump School training material 100% (yes this means you will have to give up all of the material we’ve sent you.)